Saturday, April 18, 2009


Well, I keep making these goals to do a post once a week...or at least once a month! LOL But who am I kidding. I don't have internet at home and I always forget my camera when I go somewhere with it. I just put it off everytime. So now, I am just making a goal to update when there is something exciting. Now that I'm not working I am hoping I'll de better, but We'll see. Anyway, here is what's going on in my family.

Andrew is still working on getting Sylex Concrete started. After so many issues with getting the building permit, we have it and it is coming along nicely. THe just poured the foundation and Framing should be done this week. We wanted to have it done before May, but we'll just have to do what we can now. The weather hasn't helped very of the many joys about living in Utah I guess. He is doing wonderful and working so hard everyday though. He is out the door by 6:30 or 7 everyday. I didn't even know he could get up that early! :) He has also done amazing at helping me with this pregnancy. He is an amazing husband and I am so lucky to have him!

I recently had my cerclage. I was flat in bed for a week after, but now I am just on light bedrest. Meaning I can do light activites as long as I am careful and at least sit as much as possible. I am no longer working as that would be too hard on the baby. I am 15 weeks along right now. My doctor waits until 20 weeks to do the ultrasound and that feels like its so long away! We can't wait that long to find out what we're having...and luckily, our good friend Melissa has a sister who is willing to give us one. So next Friday we will be finding out (as long as baby cooperates). Other than that I am just staying home with my amazing Daughter everyday. I LOVE being a stay at home mom finally and I hope that it will be able to last after this baby comes.

Lynnli is great! She is a year old and a bundle of joy! I have never seen a baby happy like her all the time. She wakes up with a smile and it's still there when she falls asleep at night. She is walking and even trying to run a little now. She wants to talk so bad and tries all the time. Her favorite shows are Barney (baaaaar in her words) and Elmo (emmo). She loves to do songs with Actions and she can do them all herself. She is just so fun all the time and it gets me even more excited to have this baby. I just hope this one is as good and happy as Lynnli. I've been trying to teach her there is a baby in my tummy. She's looked under my shirt a couple times, but usually just gives me a funny smile then kisses my stomache. She is going to love being a big sister. Babies are her favorite!

We are all very happy and very excited for the changes coming in our future. We are so blessed and so thankful for everything we have. We love all of you and are so happy to have you as friends!

Lynnli Justine