Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Welcome Home Alyssa!

Alyssa is now home! After 22 days in NICU, she is now with us. We picked her up today around 1:30. She is doing great. She's just been sleeping. Lynnli loves her so much and was so cute holding her. She just giggled and kissed her over and over. She doesn't want other people to hold her. Brooklyn took her for a turn and Lynnli just fussed and tried so hard to get her back. She is doing good so far, and I hope she doesn't get too jealous. Here are some pictures. I will give an update of her first few days at ome in a few days!
My mom got Lynnli a new doll today to hopefully help her get used to me having the new baby. Tere are pictures of her taking care of her baby too. She will be a great mommy one day! :)

Lynnli Justine