Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Here are a few random pictures of my little girls!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Well, I think I have just come to realize that I will never be an avid blogger. As much as I love to get on here and share pictures and news with everyone...I just am not good at it. But that is ok. I will still get on and update everyone when that moment hits me just right! SO here is my latest update.

Alyssa is now 3 1/2 months old. She is growing like crazy! She weighs about 9 1/2 lbs and seems to be heavier everyday! She is generally pretty happy, but does have collic. I think it is almost over, but gripe water is still my best friend in the evenings!

A couple weeks back, I took her into the instacare with a slight fever. Because she was a preemie and is so young still, they sent us to primary childrens. 6 hours later...at 4 in the morning, they sent us home. They had done a few tests and the results they had looked fine. I guess in babies this small, a fever means something more serious...like meningitis. Ends up she has the flu...not swine, just regular. She got over it pretty quick at least. With the help of medicine. I can't wait for the collic to end though. Then I will have better luck getting smiling pictures.

Lynnli also got the flu and I think its taking a little longer for her to get over it. But she is getting better. She also had medicine. She still loves being an older sister. She helps all the time. Tries to feed Alyssa. She does pretty good at not trying to hold her or anything without help though. She really is such a good girl. I couldn't be happier with me daughters. I am so blessed to have such wonderful kids! I can't wait to see how they act as they get older.

Andrew has been in Massage therapy school for about a month and a half now. He absolutely loves it! He has been loving learning all the different types of massage. He has new stories for me everyday. I haven't gotten him to practice on me much yet, and he claims it will be different once he has his table (it should be coming in the next week or two). I can't wait. The little I have gotten is amazing! He also has started a new job working at Sears as an appliance salesman. So if anyone needs any new home appliance, call us! :) Sylex is going well, but its just at a point that he can't make money until it is up and running. And as we all know too well, you can't survive without money.

Overall we are doing really well. We are all healthy again and very happy. Life is slowing down for a while but as soon as Andrew finishes school I'm sure it will pick right back up!

Lynnli Justine