Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baby Alyssa

Well, I'm sure most of you know we had our little baby this week. She is 8 weeks early but doing good. I thought I'd write the story of everything that happened here so you can all read it instead of me telling it over and over (not that I really mind).

Friday evening, the 7th, Andrew and I got into bed early after Lynnli had fallen asleep so well and we were able to watch a movie, enjoy each others company and everything. It was the first time in a long time we were able to just be together without work interfering and what not.

About midnight I started feeling a few contractions, nothing strong, but frequent enough I decided to pay attention to them. By 1 they were coming consistently every 10 minutes. I know that usually that isn't quite enough to really be too concerned, but with my cerclage I decided I better call the doctor just to be safe. I was told that if I was really worried I could run into the hospital just to get checked. Like I said, the contractions weren't strong so I left Andrew home with Lynnli and I went in.

They did a check and started giving me tributaline to try and stop the contractions. By about 5 they had slowed to just a few an hour so they sent me home. Anytime I was standing I would have them so they said to just stay in bed as much as possible. I went to bed and woke up at 10 the next morning. Put Dora on for Lynnli and as soon as I was up started having more contractions. I layed back down but they weren't stopping. Only getting stronger. I called the doctor and they had me run and pick up a prescription for tributaline. My mom came and picked Lynnli up and I went back home to try and rest and let the contractions stop.

By 1 they were every 3 minutes apart and getting pretty intense. I called Andrew (he was working) and let him know I was going back into the hospital. He met me there and they hooked me back up and started a couple other kinds of medicine. After an hour or so on each it started to help, but then they would start back up again. By Sunday afternoon they decided I was going to have to stay in the hospital until she came. Doctors were hoping to keep her in for a couple weeks at least.

Monday morning things started to look a little better and my doctor told me if I stayed the same for 24 hours, that he would let me go home on very very strict bed rest orders. Well, I guess Alyssa heard him. About 8 o'clock that evening, I stared steady contractions again. They increased my medicine (still on both) and tried to wait it out. By midnight they were getting closer and more intense again. They tried giving me some morphine shots which I guess can also stop or slow contractions. They tried a couple times in the next few hours. Still wasn't working.

At 5:30-ish they sent me back to Labor and delivery (I had been up in the recovery). They didn't want to do anything until my doctor was able to come check me for himself. Last they had checked, I was dilated 2cm. They still weren't to worried because that is all I was when I first came in. They felt that even though I was having contractions, they weren't doing anything. I disagreed. They were getting very very painful, so much that as the contraction came, I just cried. Keep in mind that with Lynnli, I didn't even know I was in labor and was almost 6cm before I even felt the first contraction.

Shortly after 7 my doctor came in (he was in a c-section and couldn't come sooner). He checked me and I was now a 3. He decided this baby wasn't going to change her mind and ordered the epidural. Hallelujah!!! We got that finished about 7:45, then just after 8 my doctor removed my cerclage and broke my water. My 9 I was dilated 10cm. Completely done and ready to go. We went back to OR so they could pass Alyssa right thru to NICU. She was born at 9:19am on Tuesday August 11th.

Alyssa tried to cry as they were passing her through. It was great to hear. I was all cleaned up and we went back up to recovery to wait. Around noon they told us we could go see her. We weren't quite sure what to expect, but told that she was doing very well.

Alyssa McCall Nielsen was born weighing 4 lbs 9 oz and 17.5 inches long. For the first 24 hours about she was on oxygen and everything was being monitored. She switched to room air the next morning and is now completely off all help breathing. She is getting fed through a tube that goes directly to her stomach and next week sometime we will try and introduce breastfeeding. All the nurses tell us how great she is doing and how fast she is improving. She is still being monitored on most things and today had to sit under lights for a little jaundice. Nothing more than normal though.

I am home now (staying with my mom for a few extra days to have help with Lynnli still) and I miss her tons. It is just good to know we have such good doctors and nurses at our hospital so she is in great hands. Andrew and I are able to hold her and see her anytime we want. I love going down and I can't wait to get her breast feeding so she can come home. Once we have established that and as long as everything else is still so good, she can come home with us.

Andrew absolutely adores his little girls. He is such a great dad and so cute to watch with both of them. He loves that he has 2 daughters now and I think he secretly enjoys knowing he will be the only male in our home. :)Lynnli has yet to meet her baby sister and probably won't be able to until she comes home. But she is very glad to have her mommy back. It was a hard week for her. She stayed with Grandma Hermansen and loves being with her, but didn't like being away from mom.

I am doing great, recovering quickly and excited for the next chapters in our life. It crazy to think that at 22 I have a family of 5. I wish our little Allister was still with us, but am happy to know he is watching from above, looking after his little sisters.

Here are a bunch of pictures of our Alyssa. I will continue to update this as she is in the hospital and hopefully in a couple weeks will be able to add pictures with her home! Thanks for reading and feel free to leave any comments or questions you want! We love you all and appreciate all the thoughts and prayers we've received.

She is off the oxygen here, but has tubes in with the room air and to make sure she doesn't stop breathing.

All bundled up and cozy!

Big yawns! All the time!

She was peeking a little here, and look at all that hair!

Tiny little fingers!

Ha ha! She was under the bili lights for jaundice here. I think she looks like an old lady!

Trying to wake up, little smile!

Daddy's first time holding her! Adorable! One of the best memories I have!

Mommy's first time holding her! Precious!

Doing Kangaroo Care for the first time (skin to skin contact). She loved it, I loved it, daddy loved it, can't wait to do it again!

I couldn't forget my other princess. We had just gotten her ready for bed and she was telling us "Shhh" She makes the sound through her nose. lol

I guess my flash was bright. She kept holding her hand up when I would take pictures. lol So funny she even thinks to do that!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


It has been a while and I keep getting crap from people for not updating this. So here I go!

Andrew is still working on Sylex. The building is almost completely finished. It needs carpet in the offices and the parking lot and landscaping finished. It looks great! I'll put a couple pictures on here. Some are from a little while back, so the stucco and a few other things aren't done in them.

A couple weeks back it got broken into and a few tools got stolen. They are going to have an alarm system eventually, but don't have enough in the building to make it worth the money right now. They decided something was needed though and they talked to some police out in that area. They said the best defense for something like that is to have a dog there. So we now have an 8 month old pit bull security system. His name is Chico. He is definitely a puppy still, but big enough he looks and sounds scary. A few people we know have gone out to see the building when we aren't there and he is very protective already.
Andrew is looking at some online schools and is trying to pick one so he can get back into school and get a degree. He isn't sure what he wants to go into but wants to get his associates in the meantime.

Here is our Awesome security system Chico

Lynnli likes to go visit and help daddy work

Here is how you'll see the building from the road.

Here is the front again after the stucco and stone was completed.

Lynnli is now 16 months old and crazier than ever! I can't believe how fast she learns and everything she can say. Her new words are, purple, bubble, ernie, hello, pink, airplane, moon, animal, Lynnli, and tons more. She loves to take our phones and pretend to talk on them. She is always dancing, loves all other babies, and is still always happy. She tries so hard to jump but usually just falls on her bum. She has12 teeth now, 4 of them molars! I can't believe how fast she grows! She is so easy to take care of. She plays and does great by herself while I have to do my own things and she is great with every little kid she sees. She still loves reading books and brings them to us to read to her all the time. I couldn't be happier with the cute little girl we have been blessed with!

We're camping and Daddy is teaching her about the hot fire. She did really good to stay away and only threw things in when daddy helped her.
We're getting ready to see fireworks and she wanted to look pretty and put lip gloss on.

This is our soon-to-be sister in law Marisol (marrying Jameson). She was camping with us and Lynnli just loves her!

I am now almost 31 weeks along. This pregnancy has gone so fast compared to last time, but I am so ready to be done! I was given the steroid shots again for the baby's lungs because I have started dilating again. So far this pregnancy has gone the exact same as last time. My measurements and everything have literally been exactly the same each week as they were with Lynnli. That makes me happy to know that it is all going so well, but I also hope that this little one comes a bit early and not the day before her due date like Lynnli. I am actually hoping for September 9th. Just under 4 weeks early and her birthday would be 9-9-09. Wishful thinking I guess. Really as long as she come when she is strong and healthy I will be happy. A couple more month of this won't kill me.

Well I think that is about everything going on for us right now. Lynnli and I go to a splash park by our house a lot and we go swimming as a family a few times a week. If anyone ever wants to come with us or just hang out we are always available! We would love to see you all and catch up! Thanks for reading our blog and being patient with my slow updates! Until next time, be safe and enjoy the rest of summer!

Lynnli Justine