Sunday, June 13, 2010

Huge Update! Warning, its a long one!

I thought I would do a real update of everything going on for us right now. My last few haven't been too great. So here we go...

While unpacking, Lynnli saw the Halloween costumes I got for the girls for this year. She wanted to try them on so we did! Lynnli is going to be a lady bug and Alyssa is a bat girl. lol
Not sure what Alyssa is doing with her tongue here.

Lynnli's hair I've been doing to keep it out of her face. We are going to try and grow out her bangs and This is nice to hold it all back.
Alyssa's hair is finally long enough to get the tiniest little pony tail in. haha Sure it looks a little goofy with how small it is, but I just love it!
Lynnli wanted to jump in the pictures when she saw me taking them

Lynnli is now in the cheesy smile stage

There is a little kiddie pool literally around the corner from my house. It only goes to 1.5 feet deep so Lynnli can run all over in it while I just sit on the side. It is fantastic! One of the many great things about Daybreak!

Alyssa loves to be outside doing anything

I have had a brain fart and can't remember how to turn the pictures. Sorry

Lynnli loves to jump on the tramp.
Then she likes to show off her CRAZY hair (as she calls it)

This in in my moms front yard. I love the colors in these pictures!

For Memorial day we took the girls to their first Baseball game. It was so fun (even thought the Bees lost).

The baseball field
Eating cotton candy
Me and Alyssa

Lynnli with a Yankees bat...Go Yankees!

Stinkin cute girls!
Family again
Lynnli has this Jeep she got for her birthday last year. She loves going out and riding around. It;s made fir just 1 but we can squeeze Alyssa in with her to go for rides. Lynnli was posing for every picture this day. I wish that were a normal occurrence!
Lynnli and Alyssa

Riding together, Lynnli holding onto Alyssa to keep her in.
My beautiful Lynnli!

Candice and I go rock climbing once a week and my mom came with her young women one time. There is this arch (goes up one side, across the ceiling, and down the other side) that we have been working on. I can finally do it. It is by far harder than anything else we have tried, but it is so worth it!
Candice and I

I am just getting to the top of the arch here

Here are some pictures of Lynnli's 2nd birthday (April 3). We had the party at my work ing the child center. It was so fun! The kids loved it and Lynnli thought it was just awesome having everyone there. Mostly I just videotaped the whole thing and I had Andrew in charge of pictures. Thats why there aren't many. lol
Lynnli's cake I made
My sister Candice and I with Alyssa
Lighting the candle for Lynnli. We practiced blowing candles out a lot and she was so ready!

We have just moved! We are now in Daybreak and are loving it! My brother owns the house and my dad finished the basement for us to stay in while Andrew finishes school and we decide what we want to do. It is fantastic! It has 3 bedrooms still so we have plenty of room. Hard wood floors, granite counter tops, trim throughout. We are going really slow with the decorating so I will post more pictures once we have that all done. For now, here is what I have.

Here is the outside of the house...
My Vinyl clock (haven't gotten nails to put the middle up yet haha)

The bathroom

The family/living room
My favorite, the kitchen
And my clock again with the light above on this time

Lynnli Justine