Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My new job

Not all of you know, I have recently started a new job. now let me tell you, this has got to be one of the best jobs in the world. My amazing sister Candice got it for me. It is at Lifetime Fitness in the child center. I get to go and play with kids all day and get paid for it. Plus I get a free membership to the Gym and I can take my kiddos to work with me. How fantastic is that? Lynnli absolutely loves it and has a great big list of friends she always talks to. Her favorites, Lance, Caleb, Noah, Bridger, and Easton. That is right, she is a total boy chaser! Andrew is a little more worried now, but it is all just friendly right now. And I think it is pretty cute.

Today, we had a big paper airplane contest. There were about 20-25 kids and we all made our own paper airplane (some were very interesting to say the least). We stood in a big line on the wall and let them go! It was so fun!

The toddlers all like to watch Yo Gabba Gabba (can't stand that show). It keeps them very entertained and they get along much better that way. It's worth the headache you get from the show to keep the little ones happy without their moms there.

While we were leaving today, Lynnli's favorite teacher, (as the kids call us) Caity, walked past us and gave Lynnli a cute little mini cupcake. Lynnli gobbled it up and then ate mine too! haha She loves Caity and now she loves her even more. She has been talking about the "cake from Caity" all day!

I am so glad I work with so many great people there (*almost everyone) and they are all so nice to Lynnli! I am getting some great stories from that place. I will post two of my favorites to end my post for today.

There is a little boy named Isaiah who is about 9 I think. His dad is a personal trainer at the gym so he is there a lot. He is have black and a super cute and fun little boy (he says I am his favorite teacher). He always plays and has a great time. A couple days ago I was cleaning some toys and I over heard a group of kids talking about him. They weren't being mean so I just listened. He came walking by and they stopped him to ask the funniest question ever!
"Isaiah, we were wondering if your dad is Chris Brown?"
I almost burst out laughing! He said no and didn't know why they would think that. Welcome to the white population state of Utah!

We have a rule in the child center that kids are not allowed to pick up or hold another kid, even if they are siblings. And there are little rooms all over the child center for different ages and stuff and there are only half walls (with granite tops) so we can still see everyone. This gets really frustrating to the older kids that arent quite tall enough to see over and who want to check on their younger siblings. For example, a little girl, we'll call her Sally, wanted to see how her baby brother was doing so she asked a bigger girl, we'll call her Jill, to hold her up so she can see her. We kept getting after Jill for picking up Sally but she kept doing it. Finally, the supervisor went up to Jill and said,
"You can't keep picking her up. What is you slipped and dropped her and she hit her mouth on the top and all her teeth got knocked out? Wouldn't you feel bad? I know I would."
Jill nodded and put Sally down but you could see she was in deep thought. Then she replied,
"Well, If all her teeth came out she could put them under her pillow and get a lot of money. So she probably wouldn't care."

Haha! The things kids think of.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Potty Training!

It's official! Lynnli is potty trained! WOOOOOO!

After only 20 days, Lynnli is completely potty trained. She stays dry every night and through naps, she wears her big girl panties everywhere, she can hold it when we are in the car. What an awesome little girl I have! My goal was to have her done my her birthday in April...CHECK! I think half of it was training me to know when she is ready to go. And the reward system we used worked GREAT! I sure hope Alyssa is as easy as Lynnli was.

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Pictures of the Girls!

I decided I needed some new pictures of the girls so we did a photo shoot today. Lynnli loved it and loved trying different poses. Alyssa, not so much.
Anyway, I am happy with the pictures and now just need to print some out!
Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

1 Week Down!

I have now been potty training Lynnli for just over a week. I tell ya, that little girl is AMAZING! She does something that just surprises the heck out of me and I think she can't get any smarter...then she does something like this!

After only a week, she now tells me when she has to go, she is sleeping in big girls panties and staying dry, when she does forget to tell me, she stops herself from going till she is on a potty. It is so stinkin cute! She doesn't even care about the rewards anymore. She likes to go and be a big girl. I am going to try and take her to see a movie in the big theater to celebrate how well she is doing. Nice thing is she doesn't know the difference between the real theater and the dollar theater. lol

Anyway, I am so proud of Lynnli! She is such a doll and so much fun all day. What a blessing it is to be her mommy! I love watching her grow up and I can hardly believe she is almost 2!

You are awesome Lynnli!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Potty Training day 2

I woke Lynnli up this morning at 8 and tried to get her to go potty. She couldn't and I had to leave to take Alyssa in for a doctors appointment. Grandma Nielsen was feeding her breakfast when I left and took her down right after. She did it! Then as soon as I got back, we switched girls and Lynnli and I headed into work. She didn't want to stop playing the whole times, but I was able to get her to try twice during the 4 hour shift. She was dry both times but didn't go either time. On the way home she fell asleep. She did go during her nap and when she woke up she went in the potty again. Tried a few more times with nothing and then she has gone two more times in the potty.

That means, besides her nap, she hasn't had one accident today! I was pretty worried with taking her to work and all, but she is a trooper! Tomorrow I am home all day so it should be easier to make sure she is drinking a lot again.

Yay for Lynnli! We are so proud of her and so very thankful she is making it so easy on us (so far)!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Alyssa's Blessing

We want to thank all our family and friends who came and supported us last Sunday. It was an amazing day and we are so happy to of had the opportunity to bless sweet Alyssa. Here are a few pictures from that day and I will add more later!

New Adventure

We are finally doing it...

Lynnli's Potty Training!!!

I wanted to start the training months ago. But then we were moving, then the baby was born and I was away, then Alyssa came home, then we moved again. It just seemed like big things kept happening and I felt like we were never going to be able to start! But we finally have! Day one has been a huge success! With 7 successes (one was even number 2!!) and only 3 accidents, I can only hope Lynnli continues to do so well! The last 3 times today she has some to me and told me she needs to go before she has. I am so proud of her and I feel so lucky she is so smart! I am ready for some relapses as they are typical, but I hope they are few and far between!

Wish us luck and be prepared for stories as we go on this adventure!

Here is Lynnli's cute potty! She just loves it!

This is the candy we keep on display for her. Anytime we check her and she is dry, or when she goes on the potty she gets one. Great incentive for her!

This is her special book where we keep track of everything! The hits and the misses!

She gets to pick a sticker to put in every time she goes on the potty.

She has a LOT of stickers to choose from!

She is doing great and seems to be having a lot of fun! I am making her drink a lot more so she has to go more often (notice the juice running down her shirt)

Lynnli Justine