Sunday, February 21, 2010


Today is not a special day, nothing special has happened, and there is nothing special going on. I have just been thinking a lot lately about how much I love my husband, and how lucky I am to have him and I wanted to do a post about him.

Andrew is, hands down, the best husband a girl could ask for. He is loving, caring, a great dad, and so devoted to doing everything possible for our little family.
Andrew is so busy all the time. He gets up every morning at 6, and leaves for work about 6:30. He works until 5:30 when he leaves to go straight to school. He is at school until about 11, then he comes home and gives me an hour or so to talk and complain about everything that happened to me during the day, and how tired I am (I typically work from 8:45-12 and again at 4:45-9, and I often get a nap in the middle. Not that hard of a day). He has not once complained about his lack of sleep or my griping about how hard my days are.

Andrew always lets me be myself and he never judges or criticizes me for it. I have all my stupid quarks and I can be just plain weird, but Andrew just laughs at me and tells me he loves me. Even when I get upset over something stupid and cry and sulk about it, he doesn't complain.

Andrew never gives up. A lot of you know we have been going through some hard times financially (as most people have) and Andrew keeps looking ahead and keeps focused on our goals and dreams. Even when its hard and there is so much going on, he will set new goals and map out a plan on how to achieve them.

Andrew is great with words (something I lack, and envy him for). He always knows just what to say and he always can cheer anyone up. Even Lynnli when she is upset and we don't know why. He can talk to her and he always makes everything all better.

Andrew is the best dad in the world. He is so loving and so adorable with the girls. He will stop anything to spend time with them. He is great at doing the little dance songs with Lynnli, especially Ring Around The Rosy. He is fantastic at getting the girls to fall asleep at night and I still can't figure out what he does differently than me.

Andrew has always kept his standards high and he is a great example to me and the girls. He would never do anything he doesn't want our girls to do one day. He as such high standards for them and has done so good at keeping those standards part of our daily lives.

Andrews love has helped me to rediscover myself. I have a new love for myself that only he has been able to give me. I see myself in a whole different way and I know that, with him, I can do anything. Just being with him feels like I can defy the whole world.

Andrews love all together is unconditional. Whether it is love for a friend, child, relative...Meaning that no matter what, he always has love for them and is there whenever they need him. When you love someone, you do the best you can to make them feel great about themselves. Love them for who they are, not what they do, because that is just an aspect of who they are.

To everyone who knows Andrew, he is a bright, capable over-achiever who is handsome and remarkably confident. Without him, their lives would be a little more difficult and a little less pleasant. To me, he is me. Without him, I would not be me. I would not faintly resemble the girl I am today.

And, of course, I love his intelligence, because he was smart enough to fall in love with me. ;)

I love you Andrew! You are amazing and strong, and incredible, and the best M.A.N. in the entire world!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hope Andrew doesnt get mad at me for sharing this!

Lynnli makes me laugh everyday and there are so many stories that I would love to share with everyone, but some are embarrassing to Andrew or I so I try and refrain. But some are just too hilarious!

The other night, Andrew was about to jump in the shower and Lynnli heard. She loves to shower with mommy, but due to anatomy, she can't shower with daddy. lol She got very frustrated and upset that daddy was telling her no. She cried and cried so before showering Andrew took her to eat dinner. He tried to sneak away and made it to the bathroom before Grandma slipped and mentioned something about daddy being in the shower. Lynnli ran down the hall screaming that she wanted to shower with daddy. She layed on the ground and stuck her fingers under the door and tried to see daddy. Andrew got down on the opposite side of the door to talk to her. After trying to console her, their conversation went like this...

Andrew "I'm sorry sweetie, you can't shower with daddy. But we will play when I am done."
Lynnli "No! No! Daddy bad!"
Andrew (heartbroken) "Lynnli? Daddy is bad?"
Lynnli "No! Daddy bad...breath!"

Hahahaha! I guess dinner right before didn't leave the freshest smell in daddy's breath! Lynnli is so funny and such a cutie! I couldn't help but share this story!
I hope it gave you all a good laugh!

Lynnli Justine