Sunday, May 30, 2010

Spring Update!

Our last few months have been fun, exciting, tiring, busy, busy, and busy! We have been living with our in laws while my brother is having the basement in his house finished for us to rent from him. It should be done and us moving in this weekend as long as everything goes right. We can't wait! It is so nice and will be so much more room and our own place again.

Andrew only have 4 months left of school and can't wait to graduate. He will be starting again in January but is taking off a few months to recuperate. He is now working at lifetime fitness (where I work) but is working the ops at night. His current schedule goes, school at 6pm-1030pm, then straight to work until 6am, then come home and sleep until about 3, wake up and shower and study for a couple hours and back to school. That goes Mon-Thurs a9or Fri morning). Then he has to try and switch back to sleeping at night so he can do clinics on Saturdays from 12-630. And then get up for church Sun and take a nap so he can get back to the graveyard schedule. Let me tell ya, it is HARD! Not only on his, but me and the girls. It will be so nice when he gets a normal schedule again and we can be a normal family again. lol

I am still working in the child center at Lifetime. Alyssa is just about big enough to bring and that will make everything a little easier. Right now my mom and mother-in-law watch her while I am working. It is a great help but will be nice when I don't have to worry about that. Other than that I am about the same.

Lynnli talks more than ever! She is the cutest little thing and she has such a funny personality. We have been teaching her about modesty, and bow whenever she sees a guy without a shirt, or a girl with a sleeveless shirt she tells them to put more clothes on because they aren't being modest. She also will correct anyone who says stupid "we say silly, don't say stupid!" ha ha She loves to be outside and loves playing with her little sister. She is such a sweetheart and always entertains us.

Alyssa is almost 10 months old! She had her first tooth break through yesterday (finally!!!) and she is just about crawling. She is such a mama's girl! I can't even walk behind her without her fussing because she can't see me. It's cute, but definitely gets old.

Anyway, that is us in a nutshell. I have thrown a few pictures of some of our adventures so far this year. Can't wait to see what is next! Take care everyone!

We feed the horses all the time!

Roller skating!

My little models!

Kennecott copper mine

Lynnli learned how to open my eyeliner and wanted to put it on. It is liquid so it was very easy to put all over her eyes! haha

Lynnli Justine