Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Truck

So i have looked into the trucks part availiability prices and of course looks. and i have two trucks i am trying to decide between. the first is the 1955 chevy and the other is the 1955 ford. i love the overall look of the chevy, but the stubby bed and the grill on the ford is just awesome! So tell me what you guys think. The chevy is the Red one, the ford is orange. i am leaning toward the chevy, cause thats how dad always did it! lol but give me some feed back. Thanks!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thats enough!

There is way to much estrogen on this page. so its time to man it up! first, Sylex is going well, the building is about 90% inside and 100% outisde. the parkinglot is the next big step. but everything is moving relativly smooth.

Second, i am thinking about buying an old truck, im looking at chevy trucks from 47-59. im not being to picky, but want somthing that can run. iw ant to have a project vehicle. im hoping if i do so i can get my brothers and my dad to come work on it on the weekends with me. kind of create a male bonding experience and end up with a sexy truck to cruise around in .

so i will keep you posted on my findings and also on sylex!

anyway, that is my update, Peace!

Lynnli Justine