Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Well, I'm now 39 weeks. I'm starting to not believe anything my doctor says. At first, he was worried about making it to 28 weeks. Once I hit that, he didn't think I'd make it past 32 weeks. Once I hit that, she was going to be coming around Valentine's Day. It's now over a month later and she is still inside! I went to the doctor on Monday and he said he doesn't think I'll make it past this week. Well, the week is almost half done and I am not even having braxton-hicks contractions. So much for an incompetent cervix!

Other than being big, tired and swollen, I am doing great. I could sleep all day if I didn't have to use the bathroom every hour. Andrew is getting more and more excited everyday. Hopefully by my next post I will be telling all about our little princess! Take care!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I got Tagged! All About My Man

1. FULL NAME: Martin Andrew Nielsen
2. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN MARRIED? 3 years this June
3. HOW LONG DID YOU DATE? Actually dating, it was 3 months before we were engaged, then we were engaged for another 6 1/2
4. WHO SAID 'I LOVE YOU' FIRST? Honestly? I have no idea! I think we both just knew. I can't remember who was the first to actually say it.
5. WHO IS TALLER? Andrew, of course!
6. WHO SINGS BETTER? Definitely Andrew. I'm not a singer.
7. WHO IS SMARTER? Depends on what you ask. But really, probably Andrew.
8. WHO DOES THE LAUNDRY? I think Andrew has moved the laundry from the washer to the dryer twice. He is very good at complaining about it not being done on his schedule though.
9. WHO PAYS THE BILLS? Me. He asks about it sometimes, but if I died, he would have no idea what to do.
10. WHO SLEEPS ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BED? Right now, I do. But for some reason whenever we rearrange our bedroom we seem to switch sides. Not planned, just happens.
11. WHO MOWS THE LAWN? Usually Andrew, but if he can't or is gone I do.
12. WHO COOKS DINNER? I do. He made me george foreman chicken once, but he doesn't cook.
13. WHO DRIVES? Usually Andrew. If it's on the motorcycle it's always him. Since I've been pregnant though, he likes to drive the motorcylce and have me follow in the car.
14. WHO IS MORE STUBBORN? I think we are both very stubborn. Luckily, we tend to agree and we both know each others limits.
15. WHO KISSED WHO FIRST? Andrew kissed me. If you ask him, he'll say I begged him too. Not true. I may have "hinted" but I never begged. Our first kiss was pretty mean too. Andrew leaned in really close, I was leaning in and up on my tip toes. Then right before contact, he stood up quick and said "Almost". He laughed so hard so I went and "pouted" and he came over and really kissed me. Needless to say, I didn't lean in this time. He had to come all the way himself.
16. WHO ASKED WHO OUT FIRST? I asked for rides in his huge jeep wrangler, but we never really asked each other out. We just were together everyday for months and then it turned into dating. We just knew we'd be together so no one had to ask the other out.
17. WHO PROPOSED? Andrew, of course. And his proposal was so amazing it won us a $25,000 wedding. Ask sometime and I'll tell you the story if you don't already know or haven't seen it on TV.
18. WHO HAS MORE SIBLINGS? Andrew. He has 3 younger brothers and 3 younger sisters. I have 1 older and 1 younger brother, and 2 younger sisters.
19. WHO WEARS THE PANTS IN THE FAMILY? It's really probably pretty even. Andrew is definitely the man of the house, but we both have a lot of say. We really agree on pretty much everything and we are both so laid back that life is just easy wih each other.
I love him! He is the best!

Still Waiting!!

Everything is still going well, just taking forever! On Thursday, we went into the hospital because I was having some weird feelings. No pain or anything, but thought we should just check things. I ended up getting my cerclage out because the feelings I had were contractions. I dialated to a 2 before the Doc. decided to give me tributaline to stop them. I don't know why he did though. I am 37 weeks along and I also had the steroid shots for Lynnli's lungs so everything should be fine. Oh well though. At least the cerclage is out now and I am no longer considered high risk. Now I just need my water to break and to get her out!!

Our house sold this past week. We had it on the market for a month. I don't know what everyone is talking about the market being slow. We had a couple showings everyday since we listed it. We still are having people call even though it's under contract. I'm very glad it sold so fast though.

Spending some time with the family now. I'll finish the update later! Take care everyone!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

This is for the Layton's!

Saw this and thought it would be cool for everyone to do, so if you are reading this, you can do it on your blog too! Answer the questions with images from Google image search and pick a picture from the first page! Here it goes!!

Age I'll be at my next birthday:

A place I'd like to see or visit:


One of my favorite places:

My favorite object:

My favorite food:

(Yes yes, I know, Mexican food doesn't seem so appealing seeing these guys!)

My favorite color:

My favorite animal:

(Yes there is such thing as a PINK dolphin!)

Name of a past pet:

Where I live now:

My middle or maiden name:

My college major:

(That would be cosmetology, not the study of Asians)

A bad habit I have:

My favorite holiday:

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ready for Lynnli!

Well, I went to the doctor on Tuesday. Everything looks good still, but I am a little upset with him now. For the last few times I've gone in, he has told me we will be taking my cerclage out this next week. Well, on Tuesday, he decide we are going to wait 3 more weeks!! I don't want to be pregnant that much longer! My stomach is so tight right now, when she turns so she's facing my back, her little bum pokes out and makes it look like my pregnant stomach has another stomach of its own! The rib kicking and lung squeezing is getting a little old too. Not to mention the hiccups she always has. We tell her every night it's time to come. It's been long enough. We are ready and I'm sure she is too. All 3 ultrasounds we've had she has weighed a little more than average. Plus I had those fun steroid shots to help her lungs speed along. She is ready. She can come now. :)

Anyway, everything else is going well. Our house is still getting tons of showings, just no offers yet. Our realtor said there is one couple trying to get approved right now and then they are planning on making an offer, but we haven't heard anything yet. Andrew is getting tired of the same job, and hopefully things will go well with our future plans and he will be able to leave in the next few months. We are happy though. We have been so blessed and it is very nice to know that he has this job that has been so good for us. He can always stay there a while longer and go through school or something.

Well take care and have a wonderful day!

Lynnli Justine