Monday, April 12, 2010

I lost 16lbs. in 3 weeks!

As a lot of you may know, there is a diet going around right now called Hcg. There has been a lot of controversy about it and a lot of positive and negative talk. I wanted to lose my baby weight quickly and after TONS and TONS of research and talking to my doctor, I did it!

In 21 days, I lost 16 pounds. I cheated pretty frequently as well (Lynnli's birthday, Easter, weekends in general lol) and I still did great! I love where I am at now and I love how fast and easy it was.

The way Hcg works, is you eat only 500 calories a day (very specific things) and you use the hcg daily. Even though you are eating so little, because of the hcg (which, btw, is a natural hormone your body already produces), your body takes the other calories it needs from your stored fat. If you werent using the hcg, you would lose muscle, get sick, have no energy, etc. I have felt better than ever while doing it and I look so much better!

I found a spray because I didn't want to use the shots and the drops sounded like such a pain (if the dropper touches anything it is contaminated, you have to hold it under your tongue for ten minutes each time, etc.). With the spray, you shoot 2 sprays into your mouth morning and night. Thats it!

I am so in love with this and I would totally recommend it to anyone! I am putting a link to where I got it on here so anyone interested can take a look.

I will post pictures soon so you can all see the difference. I LOVE it!

Lynnli Justine